With a home battery, you can make money from the grid.

When you're independent from the grid, the grid will start depending on you.

Usage optimization

Throughout the day, energy prices rise and fall with customer demand just like any commodity. Our home batteries allow you to turn your home into a mini energy exchange, taking in low-priced energy during the day and use it at night during peak rate hours. The savings this creates are even greater when coupled with solar panels.

Paid grid services

The grid is under constant strain with antiquated technology and ever-expanding usage rates. Because of this, utility companies are turning to residential energy storage to lighten the burden––and they're willing to pay for it. When you buy a home battery with Swell, we will automatically sign you up for the most profitable grid service programs available.

Curious how much you can make from the grid? Talk to an expert.

Our home energy experts are up-to-date on the latest in energy storage policy and incentive programs. They make it easy to start saving money with a home battery.

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