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Earn extra cash for every referral who purchases and installs a solar and/or storage system from Swell Energy.*

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Save money. Save energy. Save the Planet.

Save money
Save money

Your home energy system with battery backup allows you to produce and store energy to use at times of day when energy costs are the highest and at night when the sun is down.

Be part of the solution
Be part of the solution

Your Swell home energy system takes pressure off the grid and prevents more power plants from being built. Be part of the clean energy revolution that cleans the air and cools the planet.

Get power security
Get power security

Gain energy independence and avoid Public Safety Power Shutoffs and outages caused by a strained grid. When the power goes out, yours stays on!

As our customer, you'll work with a Swell Clean Energy expert as your single point of contact throughout your transition to clean energy.

Your complete system, including batteries, are fully warrantied, maintained and insured for 25 years. We offer the best warranty and customer support in the industry.

We'll make sure you get the best savings possible with state rebates and federal tax incentives for your Swell clean energy system. And, we'll handle much of the paperwork!


Swell Energy will pay a referral fee for any lead that purchases a solar electric and/or energy storage system from Swell Energy or subscribes to an energy services agreement subject to these terms and conditions. Referrer must submit lead (including at a minimum lead name, email and telephone number) either online, by phone, or by contacting a local Swell Energy consultant. Referrer must include at least his or her name, email and telephone number when submitting the lead information to qualify. Only referrals that result in a completed contract processed by Swell Energy that are also completed and installed by Swell Energy will be eligible for a referral fee. Referrer does not have to be a previous or existing Swell Energy customer to participate in this referral program. The referral fee will not be paid if the lead submitted already exists in Swell Energy’s contact database. If Swell Energy receives the lead from multiple referrers, the referral fee will be paid only to the referrer who first submits the lead (indicated by the date of entry into the Swell Energy contact database). The referral fee will be paid in the form of a check or gift card within 60 days from the date that the referred project has a) been completed and b) payment in full has been received and processed by Swell Energy. Referrers who are eligible for payments from Swell Energy of more than $600 in a calendar year must complete and submit an IRS Form W-9 to Swell Energy before a 3rd referral fee can be paid in any given calendar year. Swell Energy reserves the right to modify or discontinue this referral program at any time without prior notice. This referral program is not retroactive. All rights reserved.