Humboldt County Residents:

Join the Community Grid Program and Save on Energy Costs

Humboldt County Residents:

Join the Community Grid Program and Save on Energy Costs

Get $1,000 for enrolling in the Swell Energy and Redwood Coast Energy Authority Community Grid Program.

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High Fire Threat District (Tiers 2 & 3)

The Swell Energy and Redwood Coast Energy Authority Clean Energy Solution

To address rising energy costs and seasonal power outages, Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) and Swell Energy are offering solar + battery customers further savings and power security with the Community Grid Program. You'll receive a $1,000 incentive check for joining the program and using your battery to support the local energy grid WITHOUT negatively impacting the energy you need to run your home."

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Reliable and Secure Power for Your Home

Enjoy peace of mind with energy security, lock in your energy costs for years to come and reduce pollution for the planet.

It’s a win, win, win!

Solar plus battery backup is the insurance policy you need to continue life uninterrupted when the power goes out. Whether it’s working from home, homeschooling your children, connecting virtually with friends and family, cooking dinner or enjoying home entertainment, you need power security! Solar is a good first step, but if you have solar and the power goes out, you can’t use your solar. For optimum security and to avoid being vulnerable to a power outage, having a battery backup to store the energy you produce is essential. Go solar with battery backup, so when the power goes out, yours stays on!

The Benefits of Battery Backup

We’re equipping thousands of homes like yours with solar + energy storage.

You’ll get:

  • Complete installation of solar + battery for $0 down
  • Secure, clean energy during power outages
  • Bill savings by using stored energy when rates are highest and energy bill predictability for years to come
  • Increased property values without higher property taxes
  • State rebates and federal tax incentives for transitioning to clean energy

Clean Energy Communities for a Cleaner Present and Future

Be part of the solution
Be part of the solution

Your Swell home energy system takes pressure off the grid and prevents more power plants from being built.

Save the planet
Save the planet

In the coming years, renewable energy and energy storage will replace fossil fuel power plants that have polluted our communities for over a century. Be part of the clean energy revolution that cleans the air and cools the planet.

Be a community leader
Be a community leader

Installing a battery in your home helps your neighbors too! More batteries mean less pressure on the electric grid, which translates to fewer power outages in your community.

How does a home battery work?

A home battery acts like a buffer between your home and the power grid. It plugs right into your current electrical system and provides backup power during a grid outage. Watch this video for a quick explanation.

What is the Community Grid Program and How Does it Work?

The Community Grid Program is a virtual power plant (VPP) that uses a network of distributed energy resources, such as solar and energy storage batteries, that together form a network of energy resources to lessen demand on the electric grid. By aggregating homes into VPPs and responding to grid events when called upon by utilities, Swell energy unlocks value for both homeowners and utilities.

Humboldt County’s energy future is here and it’s happening in your neighborhood.

Your Swell Energy Consultant will explain all the benefits of these remarkable offers and design a smart home energy system to meet your specific needs.