Senior Data Scientist

Grid Services - Full-Time

Job Description

Swell Energy is looking for a Senior Data Scientist to develop and deploy forecasting and operational models for distributed energy storage systems. This position will report to the VP of Data Science and will require close collaboration with a software engineering team and a data science team.


• Develop and maintain time-series machine learning models to forecast near-future conditions

• Develop and maintain constraint programing models to determine optimal system operation

• Develop probabilistic models capable of operational decisions considering a range of potential future scenarios

• Collaborate with engineering to deploy operational and forecasting models to AWS cloud infrastructure

• Communicate model operations to senior management through visualization and data storytelling

• Other data science related tasks as required


  • BS (MS preferred) in Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, or other quantitative discipline
  • Academic training in Data Science or equivalent work experience
  • Strong working knowledge of Python
  • Strong understanding of supervised and unsupervised machine learning, including time series forecasting, classification, clustering, regression, and dimensionality reduction
  • Strong understanding of exploratory data analysis, and frequentist and bayesian statistics
  • Strong understanding of constraint programing and combinatorial optimization
  • Good visualization skills using matplotlib, seaborn, or Tableau
  • Good understanding of software development workflows including GitHub and Jira
  • Experience with model deployment in AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Understanding of the operation of PV generation and distributed energy storage preferred
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