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The California grid is in trouble. Your utility company will give you $5,800 to spend on a new home battery.

Power outage frequency has increased 4x in the last few years. That's because the grid is made of 80-year-old technology that can't be upgraded without severely disrupting California's economy.

Because of this, the state of California has created the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), which gives homeowners a cash rebate for installing technologies like a home battery that reduce strain on the power grid.

Swell is the only place you can apply for the SGIP rebate entirely online.

Why? A home battery protects your home while reducing stress on the grid.

A home battery acts like a buffer between the grid and your home. When the grid goes out or is under too much strain, the battery will turn your home into an "energy island" separating your home from the grid.

If you have solar panels, you'll be able to store up your solar panel during the day to use at night when the sun goes down.

This makes your home immune to power outages and surges, while helping to reduce strain on the grid during high demand times. It's a win-win for homeowners and utility companies alike.


A home battery plugs right into your current home energy system!

Applications are due January 16th. Apply now, decide later. No obligation.

To ensure you get the maximum available rebate for a home battery, apply now and we'll inform you when your application get's approved. You'll have no obligation to proceed with the actual installation or battery purchase–so there is no risk in applying.

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