Owning a battery just got better with the Battery Rewards Program and Swell Energy

Swell Energy is working with Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) Long Island and contractors in your area to run the Battery Rewards Program. This program is a network of home battery systems paired with solar that operate together to take pressure off the electric grid and support your community’s power needs.

Program Benefits:

  • Enroll immediately with Swell and receive energy storage incentives faster
  • Optimize power production for your home energy needs while supporting the grid with clean energy
  • Our “white glove” customer experience means questions are answered promptly and you’ll receive regular communications about program performance and payments
  • Our team actively engages your community to collect feedback and improve the program experience
How does the Battery Rewards Program work?

The Battery Rewards Program operates every summer season, from May through the end of September. For up to 15 days every summer season, Swell will be notified to activate your system for some period of time between 3-7PM On those days, Swell will use our battery management software to remotely discharge your home battery and provide relief to the electricity grid during times of stress. Our unique data science capabilities will help you manage your energy system so that you optimize your home energy use and provide clean energy to your community. Your system will never dip below 20% charge during events and Swell will never control your system during a grid outage to ensure you always have backup power available.


Who is eligible?

PSEG Long Island homeowners who currently own or will purchase a battery paired with solar from a participating contractor are eligible for the program. Participants must have or install a smart meter on site. Participants cannot currently be enrolled in the Smart Savers Program.

How do I get paid?

You should work with your participating contractor to apply for any New York incentives for energy storage systems and coordinate payment for those incentives. Once the program is operating, Swell will issue participants their program payments via check or direct deposit at the end of each operating season.

How do I enroll and who do I contact with questions?

If you are a homeowner that is purchasing and installing a new battery, work with your local participating contractor and they will enroll you in the program when you purchase your system. If you are a homeowner and you already own a battery, contact Swell Energy at 1-888-367-4743 or gridprograms@swellenergy.com.

If you are a participating contractor and would like to enroll your customers in the program, please visit our Partner page and Swell will contact you with next steps.