Project Coordinator

Operations - Full-Time

Job Description

As Project Coordinator you will be the primary contact for customers from the point of the project commencing throughout the duration of the job to final completion of all utility paperwork and/or utility incentives to ensure the customer is being communicated with routinely and the project meets all installation milestone goals. Through weekly communication with the customers in your pipeline, you become their trusted direct source for any questions or concerns throughout the project and represent Swell and our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience.


  • Serve as a single point of contact for customers to manage and coordinate approximately 175 concurrent projects from start to finish to ensure minimal or no delays.
  • Work with operations team to ensure closed deals proceed promptly to installation by tracking key milestone completion such as Home Assessments, Designs and Permits and following up for updates whenever necessary
  • Serve as the key person in managing, tracking and communicating project status to the homeowners and most importantly, to ensure the delivery of quality customer experience conducive to referrals.
  • Facilitate resolutions to any discrepancies and homeowners' concerns in a timely manner.
  • Respond promptly to inbound calls/emails from customers and track/record all correspondences.
  • Monitor financing deadlines to ensure documents are submitted before any expiration dates.
  • Maintain In depth knowledge of our products and operations processes and support our customers through the process of getting solar and energy storage installed in their home.
  • Set appropriate expectations for the installation process during a post-sale introductory call with the customer to ensure a smooth transition for our fulfillment team.
  • Communicate with every customer weekly via phone with a status update and follow up with customers via email promptly for any items not able to answer during the call.
  • Update project notes to ensure all communication are clearly documented and escalate customer requests as needed to other team members and/or partners.
  • Update assigned project tasks and track tasks assigned to others to ensure progress is being made on all items.
  • Support the Swell Utility Administration Team to obtain necessary signed documentation when necessary if customer’s aren’t promptly responding to requests.
  • Support Swell’s Home Assessment and Installation partners to schedule meetings or installation dates if the customer is unresponsive to partner’s requests.
  • If at any point, a customer has any questions regarding the project, serve as the main point of contact for our internal team and external partners to direct customers to support the customer.
  • Work closely with colleagues, Supervisor, and Director of Customer Experience to refine Customer Experience processes to ensure each customer receives the highest standard of support.
  • Upon completion of the project’s installation, review the system operations with the customer and work with the customer to ensure that the system is set up correctly to achieve the greatest benefit to the customer while complying with any participating program requirements.
  • Enhance the Swell brand by embodying our core values in every interaction.
  • Understanding and assisting cross-functional departments as needed by the company
  • Report any escalations on customer satisfaction to the Director of Customer Experience to work together to mitigate and resolve. This includes customers threatening legal action, social media reviews, licensing board complaints, BBB complaints, etc.
  • Work closely with the Project Billing Team to ensure the customer understands when their milestone payments are due, and how their financing works.
  • Assist the Project Billing Department as necessary to ensure payments are collected in a timely manner.
  • May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned


  • Strong Communications Skills
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Organizational Skills
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