Buy One Backup Battery, Get One HALF OFF!

Power outages can be disruptive but Swell is part of the solution.

  • A $3,000+ savings!
  • $0 down, no money out-of-pocket.
  • Your system warrantied, maintained and optimized for 25 years.
Receive a free estimate from a Swell Energy consultant
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Swell does the work. You’ll enjoy life, uninterrupted!

  • The peace of mind of energy backup for the unexpected
  • Solar power generation to reduce pollution
  • All for less than you are probably spending each month today.

The future of energy is here. Don’t miss it! Start saving right away!

We’re equipping thousands of homes like yours with solar + Tesla Powerwall battery backup energy storage.

You’ll get:

  • Secure, clean energy even when the grid goes down.
  • Energy bill savings by using your battery during peak usage times when rates are highest.
  • Energy bill predictability for years to come.

The Swell Energy Services Agreement

Savings. Support. Convenience

Establish a predictable, fixed, monthly rate for energy at your home to protect yourself from future rate increases.
Your complete system - including batteries - is warrantied, maintained, and optimized end-to-end for 25 years.
Swell has the best warranty in the industry. $0 down, no out-of-pocket expenses.

All for less than you’re probably paying today.

We're the largest Tesla Certified Installer in California with a 4 star rating on Yelp.

As our customer, you'll work with a Swell Clean Energy expert as your single point of contact throughout your transition to clean energy.

Your complete system, including batteries, are fully warrantied, maintained and insured for 25 years. We offer the best warranty and customer support in the industry.

We'll make sure you get the best savings possible with federal and state rebates and incentives for your Swell clean energy system. And, we'll handle much of the paperwork!

Save money
Save money

Your Tesla Powerwall battery allows you to store energy to use at times of day when energy costs are the highest. Your battery provides you uninterrupted power during peak usage times to save on energy costs.

Save the planet
Save the planet

In the coming years, renewable energy and energy storage will replace fossil fuel power plants that have polluted our communities for over a century. Be part of the clean energy revolution that cleans the air and cools the planet now and for future generations.

Keep the lights on
Keep the lights on

When your neighborhood’s power goes out, yours stays on! During an outage your battery will provide your power. When paired with solar, it’s charged by the sun each day for use when you need it most!

Be a community leader
Be a community leader

Installing a battery in your home helps your neighbors too! Less pressure on the electric grid means fewer power outages in your community.

A home battery acts like a buffer between your home and the power grid. It plugs right into your current electrical system to optimize daily energy use and to provide backup power during a grid outage. Watch this video for a quick explanation.

This exceptional offer is available to only 200 customers who sign and do not rescind a Swell Energy Services Agreement for Solar or Solar + Storage.

Benefits of the Swell Energy Services Agreement:

  • A no-hassle way to save money on energy bills
  • Protects your power from outages with clean energy that reduces pollution
  • Provides worry free energy security and includes system set up, warranty, maintenance and optimization for 25 years
  • $0 down and no out-of-pocket expenses

Current cash or finance customers who have not yet started installation can take advantage of this offer. If a customer is located in a Virtual Power Plant market, such a customer must also sign and not rescind a Grid Services agreement.

Help your friends, family, and community secure their home energy, today!

Many people continue to work out of their homes to conduct business and attend school. Helping these family members, friends and neighbors with an introduction to Swell Energy can gain them savings, protection and security.