A home battery is the only way to go off grid.

The dream of off-grid living is now within your reach.

Imagine being able to create and store all the energy you and your family could ever need right under your own roof. Total, off-grid energy independence is a dream most of our customers aspire to, and it's a dream that we love making a reality.

Solar panels alone will not get you there. Because it's impossible to time the energy output of your solar panels with the usage rates of your home, you end up giving most of the energy you create back to the grid. To make matters worse, in a power outage, solar panels shut off leaving your home powerless just like everyone else's. You remain dependent on the grid, exposing yourself to its constant price fluctuations and system failures.

With a home battery, you can finally obtain total energy independence. A home battery turns your home into a fully contained energy production compound in which the solar energy you create can be stored during the day and deployed at night when you need it most. The home battery also functions as an mini energy exchange, allowing you to strategically deploy energy back on the grid and capitalize on energy price volatility (read more).


If you're looking to make the leap to total energy independency, a home battery will get you there and Swell will make sure it's a pleasant and easy transition.